Smart Cars as Enforcers

This isn’t going over so well amongst the privacy minded –  if you’re driving distracted (the article names using cell phone and eating) you get your picture taken by the smart car and sent a letter and a fine.  Is that cheaper than the cameras installed?  It has the advantage of roving enforcement, for sure.

I know too many people who’ve gotten the letters and fines in this country… for cars they didn’t own…

2 responses to “Smart Cars as Enforcers

  1. Richmondwriter

    I thought at first you meant the camera was in the car itself as in trained on the driver for every driving moment. I wondered how they got anyone to agree to that.

  2. I thought it was automatic too, I guess because our cameras are stuck on places. That made me wonder why people didn’t just get out of their cars and maul the thing, though if they’re trying to get to work they might not.

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