… yea, one decided I was not worth pausing for and zipped across Church Street in my path.  I braked and honked… A66 __ __ __ __ (been too many hours, can’t ermember the rest… think it ends in 50).   I didn’t get the movement that happens when somebody hadn’t realized you existed so I’m pretty sure he simply decided that everybody had to watch out for him.  A blessing on him and everyone he endangers today.

Low mileage week – but I knew that.  I s’pose having crappy weather when I can’t ride as much anyway isn’t such a bad thing 🙂  Next week should be better.  Yesterday I got in some sprints but coming in today I wasn’t feeling like it – and we had visitors, so I didn’t want to be too lathered.

Time to ride home!

One response to “SUVs

  1. You know, these are the guys that tick me off. I can tolerate the folks that don’t initially see you, then react appropriately when they do, but the guys that jump out in front of you just because they can usually get the upraised arm asking the question “What are you doing, you moron? “.

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