Vagaries of spring

Still walking - and still talking!

Still walking - and still talking!

THe weather was *really* nice Saturday morning – ’bout 8 mph winds out of the East, so we went to St. Joseph (a.k.a. “Holy Joe” ), tho’ just to Casey’s so we could also get back in time to go out to the TIMES center to turn over two bicycles.  Somehow handlebars got tangled going over the INterstate and they almost took out a poor locksmith’s van in the ensuing ground-hitting, except I don’t think the van would have felt a thing.  Wish I’d caught the full name of the locksmith company, since I have some serious lock needs right now, but I’ll do some research…

today, not so nice.  The rains (of course) abated so I could scoot out to church and (no kidding) were starting again as I climbed the steps.  I got Boring Stuff Done while it poured (sigh, though much yet to be done), and ducked out to mail bills and what have you.

I suppose the folks in that math class should be grateful that it’ll be very windy and snowy tomorrow, so I’m not likely to get my nice (smelly) workout in on the way to school.  I really was going to leave more time so I could perform more proper ablutions.  Will try to remember to get in a few sprints, regardless.

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