It’s raining violets ;)

Or just raining.  Drizzled on me going home – but had I *really* left on time I’d have missed most of it.

here’s the NY TIMES collection of folks’ photographs of the recession.  This afternoon, the “transportation” section was pretty much *all* car-related.  Now there is a pic of a bicycle – wiht a trailer and what looks like all of somebody’s possessions.  As the photographer notes, it’s a pricey model and the person is at the library… now, it *could* be that no, it’s not all their possessions – that they’re just haulin’ a load.

Still, I want to figure out a way to use bicycles to steer the culture towards being more and doing more and owning less and owing less and finding value therein.

I rode the ’68 Racer today 🙂 🙂    I am going to bring it to the co-op Sat. and make sure the brakes are all that they can be … and p’raps do other maintenance on bearings, etc.  As usual when I get back on a bike I haven’t ridden, I felt like I was on THe Best Bike In THe World.  It’s so nimble – not 14 feet long like the Xtra!  It’s so simple – no silly gears to have to shift twice and then back… (yea, need some adjusting…)  and the tyres are just big enough to give potholes a quick soft embrace and then bound on by.  Oh, and unless I put totally crushed cans in the basket, nothing falls off while I’m bouncing over those potholes 😛

Yesterday the concrete dropoff on Country Fair near the Bradley Light had escalated to getting its own barricade, which today had blown over so I stopped and put it back.  It’s been a big enough drop-off for me to want to ride around for at least a month, and having hte barricade there means cars expect me to.

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