urban middle school moment

Headed out the 18 mile route with barely enough time and then went ’round the block to avoid trash trucks, and then got an appreciative wave from the school bus driver goin’ out to Yankee Ridge ’cause instead of pulling him that half mile I pulled over (last week he “drafted” behind me nicely, but that’s ’cause he came up on me past the driveway that let me pull off safely). 

Note to self:  that “sustainable” effort is just as sweaty as intervals, especially if you tossed the extra jacket on just in case the rain comes early.  I arrived with no time to spare… I prob’ly smell as bad but it does *feel* better than when I really sprinted and then had to sit in the class and pretty much froze and stiffened, tho’ maybe i’ts just ’cause it’s freezing outside so the heat is running inside. (Happily I did get the ‘pute rshut down right so it’s got juice left, unlike last week.) 

Almost no wind so it didn’t help or hurt.  (I work harder with a little wind. When it’s agin me I want to fight it; when it’s with me I can push the numbers up.   I prob’ly should have worked harder, and thus had more time and could have changed. 

Also just had to stop just before going left on Duncan for a multi-tool in the road.  Even without dropping it into my pocket – I put it in the bags – I was saggin’. The elastic on those sweats is not doin’ so well, what with being put on over 75 layers all winter.   Prob’ly a good thing I didn’t pocket the multitool; some accidents are harder explain than others.

GOod to ride a little long after the weekend shortness.

2 responses to “urban middle school moment

  1. Richmondwriter

    Chuckle. I could just see you with your pants below the waistline. You need a pretty set of boxers and you’ll right in style.

  2. Welp, I thought I had done well ’cause it was a nice robin’s egg blue layer beneath. Just enough contrast for appeal. Oops, it’s *my* 48 year old hind parts 😉

    They were, like, below the hip line. I mean, *really* like those urban middle schoolers.

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