Cruising the stats

…. and just like my educational site, there’s a dip on the weekends.

Time to be more productive than that 😉  It’s snowing and 34 degrees… very good weather for Gore-Tex.  (Very glad I didn’t have to pay for mine ;))

Yesterday Mike found nuts that fit on the Schwinn Racer axle.  Happy, happy 🙂 (I would have had to bring down the really rusty wheel in the garage to get those nuts off and hope they fit. I *think* the Schwinn’s basically ready to roll and that I just had to fix a flat. I was also happy that the tire held air, so obviously I *did* fix the flat before losing the nuts. Yes, I’ve gotten a little more regular about putting the nuts back on their little places to rest even if the thing is not attached where it goes.

One response to “Cruising the stats

  1. Richmondwriter

    I seem to recall you riding the hills of the Shenadoah. So are you going to try the dairyland dare?

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