irony and anarchy

My dashboard indicated that somebody had clicked through to my blog searching for anarchy cycling team.

I searched for anarchist cycling team myself, just to see what they were probably *really* looking for.  It was possibly the Bike Snob, who reminds me too much of This American LIfe to even click through to read, but another early hit had “bicycle anarchists” as a subtitle to the … and the most recent post was  telling us who the enforcement officer was for “damage, dumping problems, or whatever” on the trails.

High school teachers:  assign an essay about the pros and cons of anarchy based on that… oops, this is *this* decade.  That would be graduate school…


2 responses to “irony and anarchy

  1. I’m pretty sure they’re looking for Rock Racing.

  2. Thank you 🙂 I hate unanswered distractions!

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