Metric (and Miller Lite Faery)

Yes, two for two days now – this time almost out to Thomasboro, there’s a full Miller Light in a bevy of cans.  Actually a good thing, ’cause I’d gotten some tea at Casey’s in St. Joseph, but then decided, after all, just to see if I could do 6 miles in a half an hour into the wind towards Rantoul, which I did and then did a few miles more, so I was thirsty and yes, the stuff is an awful lot like water but tasted quite good (tho’ I gave half of it back to the planet).  Riding buddy Cliff says he sees full ones all the time  (and he’s the one who told me about the 12-pack of Bud LIght I retrieved a summer or so ago… don’t think it was a case but it’s not worth searching the blog to see ;)) and I s’pose I have to consider that less hyperbolic than I thought..

Got a fair number of pictures of the first part so I can do an annotated route description, tomorrow when it’s crappy.  The ride to St. Joe really is rather nice – horses and donkeys and Llamas… I could have even gotten that fungus-filled tree but I was tired of stopping at that point.

Meandered back (I got in some wind sprints) and then went out to CHampaign CYcle to pick up a nifty bag for the Dahon that’s really for Treks which they don’t make any more which is why it was very cheap. Came back and did long way around errands so that I had a metric before going out to eat, my first of the year; my weekly mileages this month have climbed steadily and this week’s past 200. A 10,000 mile year is a pretty long shot, though, with this slow start. On the third hand, toss in the odd 200K and it makes a quick dent… but today reminded me that, um, duh, long rides take all day 🙂

I seriously considered doing 30 miles or so today so I could tackle some serious STuff To DO… but rationalized that tomorrow will be totally, totally CRAPPY so I shall stay home and Do That STuff then.  I really wanted to get past Pansy and I am right this second (and I moved up a page in the ranks… that’s two in two weeks!)

Barry at the coop mentioned how nice the horns are for replying to cars, and within the hour I did so as a truck with a special loud horn whonked at me… mine was no real comparison but I bet he was surprised.  Then I honked at the bus that had I sped up as I was going to so it wouldn’t have to slow down so much before going right on First STreet from Logan, since I was going straight, would have right hooked me proper – but I realized the joker was going to go around me, so maybe it was going straight, but at any rate I slowed down instead and that was A Good Thing.  I had my big fat amber blinky going in back… but ya know, I realized when i was almost home that that stuff has simply *never* happened with the spokelit on, and maybe it wouldn’t if I’d turned on the candy-cane lights that outline the snapdeck and give that extra side/outline view.

anyway, I’m tired now – and it’s time for bed. Days off are good!

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