First Official Non-Saunter 2009 ride

Went out for a Tolono Loop and 25 miles or so (38 counting the ride out there) and sustained a nice 14-15 mph, which was of course lots more work than you’d think, but it’s been a long winter.

Saw a clickable ad on Facebook – the “dairyland dare.”  100, 200, or 300 K.  Then I looked at the “results” and saw that up ’til now, not a female has participated in the 300K.

I inquired and it would seem that there are HILLS… no, not “there are hills” but “it is hilly.”  As in, after a while you can’t get up them.

Still, let’s just see… it sort of inspired me not to short cut on home.  I shall probably read that it will cost a lot of money and also require joining something. There is only so much stuff I will put up with… but we’ll see.

One response to “First Official Non-Saunter 2009 ride

  1. So THAT’s what you were talking about on Facebook. Doing a 300K hilly ride just doesn’t fit into my catagory of “fun”.

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