Just heard Connie Dover on NPR talking about the song “going to the west,” and how it reflects a deep need to connect with nature.  SHe describes how a simple cabin and its window can be enriching and entertaining, and that she has a physical reaction ( pleasant;) ) to going to the west. She spoke of longing not to be an interloper in nature when visitng, but to be part of it, to be living as part of it.

I wonder if “the west” is like a vitamin pill to substitute for a balanced diet, and once again I wondered if she had ever thought of ways to include that connection wiht nature into her life – to live a live that *is* more part of it.  I suspect that just as people put their heroes on pedastals so they can relieve themselves of hte responsibility of trying to be more like them, Connie Dover may be putting The West on an altar to be visited and revered, when she could be … out riding her bike in the nature around her right now.

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