sub freezing

No, I don’t have subway merchandise in the freezer…

Yes, it had started raining a bit for the ride home Monday.  Gore-tex (and its assonant competitor, Smart-tex) is good stuff.  I could be immersed in the soothing patter of rain, not just “on the roof” but all over my body.  (What’s the term for that?  It’s the stuff of fonging – the ‘hearing’ of sound transmitted through your body. A quick google only gets me some sci-fi links that I *shall* resist 😉 )

I got a “solar flashlight” and when it arrived, it already worked.  However, we’ll see how long it lasts.  The cheap Chinese dynamo radios I got one winter *all* died within a year, whether it was the one I actually used or the others.  Yes, the light or radio will go on *while* you are cranking.  No, it won’t store energy any more. Happily, the pumpkin sandals I ordered fit.  I was completely lacking anything remotely resembling “dress” in the shoe department, excepting the black sandals I wear for concerts.  I happen to be a perfect size 8 in men’s shoes. Yes, I know that if I go to the “right” stores, I could find men’s shoes, in women’s styles, but they tend to be for men… and therefore too big.    Hush Puppies 8.5 WW have been known to work, too… and ECCO size 40.  Wish I could find something not made in China…

Somethign is tinkling on my spokes – I’m not even sure which wheel.  I checked half a dozen times.  Before I go home tonight I’m going to strip the Christmas lights (the batteries are dead anyway) and see if it’s a stray dangly bulb.

3 responses to “sub freezing

  1. I think everybody who’s been in rain with thick raingear knows the feel of rain like that. Probably a low frequency “thing” that’s felt rather than heard?

  2. I’ve yet to bike in the rain and I admit I’m nervous. After years of rollerblading (which meant raining was for walking) I’m not used to this idea of being geared up for wet cycling. I quickly learned my non-breathable rain-slicker is great for stopping wind, but terrible for breathing. I sweat like a pig!

    I think I’ll be a fair weather biker while I get in shape. My goal is that by October I think ‘Weather? What weather.’

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