another MOnday :)

… that I *didn’t* sneak out between work and singing.

Ride in this a.m. had all of the possible delays, it seemed… and then a train, though it wasn’t long.  However, it brought to mind the hazards of that particular RR light system – it’s a little prone to going off on its own, and it doesn’t have a gate to draw down.  So, the lights flashed and there wasn’t a train in evidence, so people went through, and then even when the train was nigh, they kept going through.  Yes, they all made it, but the engineer who was assuming the “waving at the people” position in those ancient children’s books was using blue language.  (I got a train engineer wave, though ;)).

One of the delays was a lady easing out … with sort of enough time… but not for the subsequent just sit there in the road and think about life… I tooted at her and called out, “where are you going?”  and the guys on the construction equipment at 9:30 position across the street said “Tell her to get off the phone!!”  as she finally pulled forthwhich explained all… I think I was glad that I wasn’t bein’ like the train guy, and was a proper lady and all (SNORK!).  Made me figure my buddy WKG 44, who I have been too early to see driving for months, was also on the phone ’cause he pulled out ahead of me (sure sign I’m running a tad late) … and then I was gaining on him for a good quarter mile.  It was fun… but I’m on the Xtra that’s nto exactly running smoothly, so we’re talking 15 mph…

hang up and drive, good people!

And something to be said about reading too fast… I *swear* that blog on the blogroll I jsut ignored said “Cabbage Patch Mummies.”  No, it was preemies…

One response to “another MOnday :)

  1. Richmondwriter

    Cabbage Patch Mummies! I thought of the dolls. Too funny.

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