Getting Warmer…

nice ride in – SSE winds are the best, I think, ’cause it is just enough help to inspire me to work hard going West… and then when I’m getting a little tired, that last South stretch gets a big push.  Wheeee!  Had time for the back way in. Maybe sneak out for a lunch lap.  Did one yesterday and the public safety guy parked in “catch ’em coming in too fast” position (I suppose) waved howdy.  Also talked up the Functional Cycling thing at Champaign Cycle (6:30, March 24 except I said it was the 25 but I think I went and looked it up and corrected it … unless they were wrong… so call the bike shop before you go because I really thought it was going to be on a Wednesday and the 25 of February was Ash Wednesday and February is 28 days so March 25 has to be on a wednesday so… How many times can I type Wednesday???)

The wrong-wattage light for the Sturmey-Archer hub burned out.  New one is ordered.

Tomorrow is a bagel morning – but I shall ride the folding bike, in honor of “Unofficial,” so I have more options, and ’cause I want variety. Will reset the computer head to that wheel size and then get a whole new ‘puter for the red bike.  I have *totally* lost perspective as far as how fast I’m going… 11? 17?  No floggin’ idea.  Fast enough to breathe hard and generate endorphins and get me to work on time and that’s what counts 🙂

One response to “Getting Warmer…

  1. I’m thinking you should be the “Endorphin Fairy” by now Miss Sioux. You seem to produce them so easily, and often, to boot!

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