Happy Wednesday

P’raps just the anticipation of warmth, but this morning’s ride in felt really good.  (the tailwind didn’t hurt.)

That, and whilst sitting in on a class, somebody had to eradicate a bug flying around.  Granted, it was easy ’cause the bug was moving slowly, but Bugs in Classrooms are a Summer Thing.  Granted, it could have been a function of construction nearby… but I choose to take it as encouragement.

I decided yesterday that it’s time for this recession thing to back off.  Got it?  I got good vibes from the essense of the universe about it.

Oh, but my light bulb burned out. It was the wrong wattage and brighter… but I was seein’ how long it would last.  Not even a month; gots to go back to the derriginal output.

My patience is hanging in there better.  I wish it hadn’t been at the expense of the victim of my impatience, but if wishes were horses… we’d have a lot of cleaning up to do. If wishes were bicycles, then beggars woudl ride 🙂

One response to “Happy Wednesday

  1. Hooterville Mayor

    Happier Thursday!
    It’s going to be near 60 here today, and I am meeting a couple of fellow club members for a leisurely jaunt about town on our bikes.
    I am riding my bike with the fenders, cuz, it’s still melting around here! Melting!!!!!
    Yee ha!

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