12 degrees

Okay, it was 15 by the time I left ’cause it’s Monday.  Still COLD.  Spring break starts week from Friday, with “unofficial” this Friday so I’ll be taknig the North route home as well as to work.  Hmmm… should I decorate?  Perhaps get the penguins out, anyway, tho’ by Friday it’ll be well above freezing.

I bought bungees yesterday of the same general type (six pronged) as the ones I had to carve out of my axle, so that I can conceivably toss the Dahon onto the Xtra to drop the latter off for its shave and a haircut, two bits treatment.

One response to “12 degrees

  1. I had totally forgot about ‘unoffical’…and would have rode right smack into it on my way home Friday! eek

    -Fellow CU commuter

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