The foggy, foggy dew

“dense fog warning” this morning, and the guys at WILL talked about not seeing past their hoods this a.m., so I put on lights and put that hi-viz jacket that’s too small to go on over the winter layers in the backpack with the sleeves flapping.  Fortunately, things had eased up so that even on the stretch of Mattis to get to Panera (it’s “crock pot day” at the office and as a reasonable accommodation for my domestic disabilities and others’ Fear of the Cooking of People with a Desk as Sloppy as Mine – it’s in the DSM-IV manual, I swear! – I am bringing bread ;)), I was visible enough for drivers to work around me into the left lane without surprises. Yes, the 21-LED amber flasher in the rear helps, too.

Gore-tex top and Smart-tex bottom ’cause the forecast is for storms later.

The pithy paragraph from the Lenten article (but read it anyway):

“We are coming upon a new Lenten season, a time when the guilt of my failed spiritual disciplines will once again be edging in on my psyche. If you feel the same way, this season, when we prepare our hearts for the great mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection, you might try on a different hat. Instead of ditching sweets, maybe try riding the bus, though it might tack 30 minutes onto your daily commute. That time can be used for prayer and reflection. Feeling ambitious? Think about setting your coffee money aside every day to invest in biodiesel or straight vegetable oil conversion. You might commit to 40 days of bicycle commuting, walking to the grocery store, or not driving all together.”

I am feeling very impatient.  Probably it’s a good thing it’s Lent ’cause I’m more likely to consider it unjustifiable and work harder to temper it.  I would just like to Not Suffer Fools Gladly for about 24 hours, as foolish and fundamentally useless as that *usually* is.

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