Ash Wednesday!

… the day to re-read and re-flect on “Bicycling as a Lenten Practice,” which I passionately wish applied less now than it did when first composed (link to the right).

I was grammar police on a blog in New Zealand, and the teacher author (else I wouldn’t have policed) apologized and then followed up with a post using “epically” instead of “especially” … and then apologized when I commented on that, for his “grammatical” error.  Welp, actually, the grammar was fine. He has yet to answer my initial musing over whether or not his school was a “whole language” school.  I rather strongly suspect so. I do not like whole language, Sam I Am…

2 responses to “Ash Wednesday!

  1. Thanks for reminding me of the Lenten article. I read it. Again.

  2. Your post prompts me to read the Wikipedia article on “whole language.” My son’s at the age where he’s extremely pedantic and feigns non-understanding when his parents or his younger sister don’t frame requests with perfect grammar and verbiage.

    My parental response: “Oh you know what she meant! Just do it!”

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