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The media in general’s gotten better at portraying cycling (tho’ I’m remembering that WILL-AM  statement in the not-distant-enough past about cyclists having to, as a *last resort,* ride on the streets!) … but no, I’m not surprised that I get the final quote in teh DI article about cycling (as I close the popups that go with it): “”There’s a lot more to cycling than sitting on a bike and moving the pedals around,” Jones said, “People should know what they are doing so that they annoy the drivers as little as possible and don’t put themselves in any danger.”

Of course, kind readers, be aware that I do *not* think it my *primary* duty to annoy drivers as little as possible, or that I think that somehow there isn’t any danger in riding a bicycle (or that annoying drivers is a special kind of danger). I believe that was in the context of trying to appreciate my part of sharing the road… somehow, the quote makes me think of hunkering into the gutter, lest I “annoy” somebody… it’s about proactive peacemaking, rather, and making viable, honest diplomatic accommodations for each other to keep us alive.

4 responses to “In the DI

  1. I didn’t see or read the article, but a clarification in the form of a letter to the editor might be appropriate. Otherwise, the readers may only see the writer’s viewpoint.

    • It wasn’t so much that things were distorted; just slightly spun but in a way so affirming of that attitude. I’m reasonably sure that a letter to the editor would only ruffle the feathers of those with said attitude… and they really were my exact words. I simply wish they were somewhere besides the conclusion.

  2. You are missing a chance to ruffle some feathers? I’m both surprised and disappointed at the same time:)

  3. Welp, it’s the DI. Ruffling starling feathers is just a waste of time 🙂

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