Illini Chill – windy, but not chilly!

Got in some real miles Saturday.. 48 of ’em.  I’d hoped that they’d whizz by since I wasn’t pushing studs through snow, but, nope, I’m in February shape.  I was pretty toasted coming home and I’m very grateful to the weather for backing off the wind for me – it was down to 16 mph when I got home, which was definitely better than the winds coming at us coming back from Royal.  It was mostly crosswind for the return ride, too, since I was going East and the winds were SSW.

Bike co-op was about 8 times as busy as it has been… and this morning there were bikes on my commute to church and assorted little errands.  I went out for the philo-old church loop and snagged 24 cans along the way… very well preserved from the snow cover.  (Going to keep ’em in that Big Bin and wait ’til I’ve got a few hundred or ’til aluminum recycling is worth a little more. It’s half hte price it was last year at the Golden Goat.)

Must clean Gazelle.  Let’s just say it’s picked up a fair amount of salt and grunge…

3 responses to “Illini Chill – windy, but not chilly!

  1. Nice weather here. The only biker I saw though was riding without a helmet and facing traffic. I nearly had a heart attack because he was in my lane and there was a car beside me. Fortunately, he got off the road and on the shoulder. Whew. Facing traffic? Aren’t bikers supposed to ride with traffic?

  2. Opps that was a 4 lane highway I was on with a median and he wasn’t near the median.

  3. Yes…. they are. Lots of them, however, learned that you walk facing traffic and figure biking is more like walking than driving. Also, I’m told that south of the border the culture is to ride against traffic so if folks are from that part of the planet they’re more likely to do that.
    He might have been thinking “gosh! This is too dangerous! How can they say it’s safer to be in the road than on the sidewalk ?!?!?” … but if he were riding with traffic there’d be fewer close calls.

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