Still The Chill

(second attempt… this is one of those “not in harmony” days.  Those bills I have been trying to get into envelopes and out … welp, they aren’t here to do that to.  That commitment that I need to stick the stamp on and send… that’s with them.  Grrrr. )

6 degrees this morning and still lotsa drag.  Tomorrow I am riding the Dahon and I hope it feels ferociously fast.

I have decided that I’ve got buyer’s remorse fot that Fenix flashlight.  I should call it Sylvia Plath.  It eats batteries like air.  Two doule a’s don’t get me home – not even one trip – and not even when I don’t even turn it on ’til it’s actually getting dark.  I’m sorry, half an hour – yes, that’s on the “low” beam” is a suckage.  It would be nice in an emergency and it’s sturdy and all… and I’ll give it another sot or two in case it’s a battery quality control issue, but it’s 0 for three so far.  That nice Cateye LED just chugs sturdily along instead.

I do like the *concept* of the tubular flashlight with the twofish installment.  Just don’t like false advertising.

4 responses to “Still The Chill

  1. Sioux, are you using rechargable LiIon batteries? My new “bikeing camera” sucked down alaline batteries like crazy. I mean, 50 or 60 photos and that was it! Put the rechargables in their and now get 200-300 pics before needing to recharge!

  2. I tried a Fenix L2D on rechargeables. Runs 90 minutes on high. Then I tried this
    Short run time but bright as a cars headlight!

  3. I’ll try rechargeables tomorrow. We’ll see how many pictures I get 🙂

  4. Short run time – that’s the thing I don’t want. I don’t have to be as bright as a car’s headlight – I have had my sight impaired by a bicycle’s headlight and would rather not be that bright. I try to follow the John Gilpin philosophy of strategic simplicity… I do like my 23-LED amber in the back and the blinky high up on the helmet, a small spoke light and the generator headlight… it’s not *that* simple but it covers the many angles. I really notice when I’m missing the side lighting – perhaps that’s the most important.

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