Here’s an interesting article about a breakthrough in LED lights – though it’s about using them for householdy stuff, not fun blinkies.  Hope it doesn’t change the market so that you can’t get ’em as cheap for blinkies any more.

Yes, I went 35 hours and 50 minutes (more or less 🙂 ) without getting on a bicycle.  When I lived in MD and worked in VA I took bus and subway every day to work; I had forgotten the camaraderie of  “early people.”  Instead of that tense elevator feeling, it’s “enough conversation to acknowledge your importance, but space because, you know, it’s morning.”  Driver was on a first-name basis with most and vice versa.  Drivers out and back were patient and friendly and all that good stuff.

It was still dark ’cause I took the 6:28 and I felt the draw of a bucolic, crystal morning dawn ride… but figured that would be blown to smithereens by the first crunchy, slimy patch on Green Street.  Indeed, riding it today was dicy-icy.  There are stretches between Lincoln and Wright where the right lane is nasty. I was early enough to be able to take the left lane … and I’m almost positive that, actually, Tuesday night I was riding over worse stuff with no problem.  It’s that comparison thing.  I have decided that Saturday I’ll find a parking lot, put on padding, and practice attacking snow and ice just like when we were kids and our folks took us out to learn to do snow and ice in the mall parking lots.  And if a hundred dollar bill falls into my lap, I’ll take it as a sign that I’m supposed to put Big Honking Studs on the Dahon.  Practice first, though!

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  1. Be careful that the hand from which the hundred dollar bill flies isn’t icy.

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