feel the grip, not the slip

Snow is not ice.  So, there wasn’t the stop-inducing ruttage for my trip home.  There was, however, a fair amount of snow.  Mostly I could still see pavement – it hadn’t usually  accumulated enough so that a car didn’t clear it and show concrete or asphalt… but not always.   And the studs were awesome.  I could, you know, like ride the bike.  Pedal it and it moved.

I shall take the next opportunity to practice, though, attending to when I *feel* out of control vs. when I am.

I found that telling my self to “relax and feel the Force, Luke” actually helped.  After all,  like unto riding a horse, if ya yank the reins you mess things up.  And then I graduated to focusing on the “grippy” times vs. the “oops, slipping!” times because then I think I steered towards said grippiness.  And I successfully convinced myself to steer the bike where I wanted it to be several times when the urge was to believe I couldn’t do that and could only proceed straight ahead.

Oh, I’m taking the bus tomorrow 🙂  And on Anderson, I hopped onto the sidewalk to walk e’re before the bus came by, ’cause there really isn’t enough room for comfort.  Yesterday, the bus let me sprint for home and stayed behind me ’til Fairlawn… turnabout is fair play.  Okay, and I was fatigued – though that happened a lot later because I also got pretty good at shutting off the tension after it turned on (“relax and feel the Force ;)), which I reckon is one of those things professionals do.  What I can’t tell is whether I was doing adrenaline in the process. I’m not thinking much.

Tomorrow all that snow and the other couple inches which will fall will be packed down and ruttified.   Must figure out exactly where the CUMTD creatures *stop.*


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