leap into the fray

I realy should have taken the folder in… I felt like I was signing a contract I couldn’t count on following through on.  Forecast “winter advisory” as of 6 p.m., inches of snow to come. More inches tomorrow.

I looked at studlies for the Dahon, because getting to church yesterday was downright fun.  (Going back less so, because I went by a stretch on Green where water had leaked, so there was real ice.)  The little critter plowed right through the quarter to half inch of the white stuff.  I couldn’t help but think that if there were studs on it, it would eat all that stuff and the ice, too.

Priced ’em.  70+ for the ones with decent studs.  (for each one…)

Okay, I”m glad i got mine when they were only fifty bucks each.  . COuldn’t bring myself to order ’em.  Mebbe *after* I do this little side job… use it as motivator.

Couldn’t get chainguard on… and even without it things were jus tbanging around.  So I took it down to the bike coop… and then realized that they were banging around because the nuts were totally loose.  Took three of us to figure it all out and “curse the Dutch” was added to the bike project general meeting agenda.  THanks, Tony 🙂

I even practiced hoisting it, tho’ I am not sure I will be game for that this p.m. when it is ugly. Mght just put the thing in my office… then I”ll take bus in… glad I don’t have to be in ’til 9. 

Maybe it won’t come 🙂 🙂

One response to “leap into the fray

  1. Almost got snow here and the kids were dancing. Now their faces are hanging low. Looks like school tomorrow and no snow.

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