Love my lights

Smart Move By Self:  moving lights and horn and what have you to the Gazelle.  The marpac foxfire light is not only bigger than regular lights, but it’s got more side visibility.  I understand now they’ve got a seat-post bracket option (which adds to the cost) – which wouldn’t make sense on my Xtracycle (and I’ve Rube Goldberg’d a rig with ductape and a map holder on the back of the Gazelle).  Last night it was snowing so drivers were Driving Very Cautiously and they just seem to respond better to the Big Amber Blinker.  Mebbe they subconsciously file me away as a snowplow 😉

When I just had the “standard” headlight and blinkies in the back… I’m just not very visible from the sides at all, and unless the Spokelits are going people pretty regularly don’t see me from perpendicular and pull out.  Doing real and regular commuting with just the legal requirements is No Fun.  It’s one thing if it’s the recreational ride that sometimes gets to dusk, when you mainly need to be seen from behind or ahead.  GOing through town At Night, especially in winter when people aren’t sure they expect you, is a different story, especially when your’e doing it regularly so you don’t have that extra alertness from the novelty of the experience. Being able to toot my air horn at the folks in their driveways is nice too.

It’s a whole 12 degrees out there… but I will get out in the “heat of the day.”   I will 🙂


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