zip lock worked:)

(Note avoidance of correctly typing brand name 🙂 )

At the end fo the day, the ‘warmer’ that I forgot to zip into a plastic bag was still rather warm.  They *do* last for hours.

The ones in plastic were quite cool.  So, I assume their chemical reaction had been stopped.  I put them in my gloves fro the last stretch home… they were still cool when I got home.  I am pretty sure that’s because tucked between the inner and outer glove, they just didn’t get enough air to do their thing.  I didn’t need them, though.  On the *first* stretch, my fingers got awfully cold – not enough time to warm them up, and I couldn’t go fast ’cause my light was at a funny angle ’cause the goggles were getting in the way and… it was a lousy 3 miles.

Second stretch, goggles away.  Theory:  I could relax. Blood could flow. FIngers received same. Stayed warm.

This morning… Farren’s pasta salad, or perhaps the third chunk of fruitcake… anyway, the intestines had a few words with me in the morning.  Tactical error:  not wearing layers to sleep.  Did NOT want to get out of the bed.  At 15 below, even when the heat kicked on as it’s programmed to do, it was just cold, like camping cold. Like toss a soda can in boiling water on the stove so you have something warm to hold.  Okay, not that cold 😀

Called in and said I’d be late… but nobody checked the machine so people worried. Nobody called me at the office to make sure I’d gotten in ’cause they’d passed me (probably when I was walking) like … what was that day?  Wednesday?

Okay, I am not “ready for this to be over.”  Nay.  I shall not go down that road.  Okay, I’m not gonna say “Bring it on!” either, but how about “Welp, this will be the stuff of stories!  Let’s make them good ones!”

So, I better start getting dressed now to go 😉 Be Prepared!  It’s six degrees out there!

2 responses to “zip lock worked:)

  1. It has warmed up to 17 above zero here, hang on Sioux, warmth is approaching! Now, I have to go and get ready for our Starlight Ride. Shrek the Trek and Hokey Spokes (see how I USED the name brand?) for the ride!!!!

  2. You are one brave woman. I went from the car to the library and shivered, I can’t imagine a long three miles.

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