… Yes, I did take the bus home yesterday, since one of the two other car-free guys in our department (I bet we win that contest!) was leaving just then and wasn’t hard to coerce into helping me get the Gazelle onto the bike rack.  I am going to practice bike-lifting ’til I can do it with confidence.  It was time to take the leap and do it.  THe trip from Lincoln Square to home and around the little bit let me know that the usual tertiary roads were abominable but roads liek Washington and Green were in pretty good shape.  I’d grabbed my spare pair of gloves from the desk because I could only find one of my best gloves… then found its mate on the ground by the bike.  Even in these conditions, Mama Weather is kind to me – it could have been blown to Bermuda.

This morning at 11 below, I put on all the layers in the world… which meant too many to be able to move with the snowmobile suit on top, so that’s still sprawled on the sofa looking like somebody had a vanishing-body experience.  I’d parked the bike in the kitchen and was amazed that while there was a trail of water from the tires, it seemed to be dried out already.  Then I picked up the “wicking silks” that was, it became clear, the “end of the trail” of water.  I should haev taken a picture.  That stuff had wicked the water from two feet away 🙂  In the process, I was afraid that my socks had become damp, so I didn’t wait to see but opened two of those “handwarmers for emergencies” and dropped them in the bottom of my duckboots.

I also ductaped one to each glove… but I didn’t need them.  It took an extra two or three minutes after my core started spitting out heat to overcome the cold, but it did.  I had also stuffed the spare pair inside the big gloves.

I’ve stuck those warmers in a zip lock bag and got all the air out I could… but I don’t have too much hope there will be much left to them at the end of the day.  But hey, it could be almost zero by then!

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