Yesterday’s ride home was a *very nice* ride:

It was five when I got home, but it got a lot warmer over night while it snowed. I contemplated my capillaries – I read somewhere that those of us who acclimate our anatomies to cold develop more and/or bigger capillaries (if they’re only one blood cell wide then it must be more of ’em) so that more of that warm blood stuff goes out to the extremities, and that felt like it was happily happening. I did an extra lap around campus in celebration of the dry road and to make sure I got warmed up, and wasn’t even afraid to pause to grab a couple AL cans (tho’ apparently ALCOA is not doing well so I expect the Golden Goat won’t be paying much for aluminum… perhaps I should save it in the shed ). By half way home, I could feel that the cold air had penetrated all of my layers (only four, though, and *not* the warmest ones, since it wasn’t supposed to do the “get sharply colder” thing until today). Still, I could just feel the coolness near my skin. *I* was warm, even my toesies.

This morning… 106 studs just aren’t enough for a closet weenie. It was a test of nerve that I frequently failed, and walked here and there… which was why I left half an hour early, ’cause it could be a minute or three btween cars even on campus (the U doesn’t go back into session ’til Tuesday). It was what I was glad yesterday wasn’t I did a graceless ker-splot-tle almost at Parkland, trying to get to the left turn lane ’cause the car creeping up behind me was going right (again, I rejoice because people slow down around here, tho’ the car on Green that I was *gaining* on made me laugh). I mean, it really wasnt’ bad. It was 18 POSITIVE degrees, and there were 2-3 inches of plowed snow… but ruts scare me. I want more than 106 studs. I hate riding swishily. I suppose if I practiced off-road I would gain more ease with it, because I don’t have a sense of when it’s self-correcting swishing and when it’s the stuff of splatitudes, which I don’t want to do … the plow driver commended my courage and visibility (it was almost dawn so I had the full blinkie regalia).

By the time I got here, I’d decided I could take the bus home, but then an hour later I’d figured I’d at least try… then I looked out the window … I’m jes’ wafflin’ It’s still a big fat 16 – that’s not that cold – but it’s snowing more. On the other hand, mroe traffic means the snow’s mashed more. On the other hand, that means more bumpy ruts. On the other…  okay, now it’s 10… andthe wind has pcked up. Hwoever, it would be a tail wind.  And if I don’t have my bike, then I’m sort of house bound.  Except I really am anyway… and I’m *not* really because the busses are still there and I could just go back and get my bike.

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