Rocket Science

I had wondered why, after a ride of rocket launching, many of which did *not* make it past the shoulder pads, that my jacket was not horribly vile.

TOday I experimented.  The very brisk west wind meant that my launches from the right aperture landed early.  Hmmm… I’ve been thinking of letting my hair grow out, but thankfully that’s not an issue yet.

At the stop light at Bradley I observed that the flurries had stuck to the launched mucosoids,  forming an interesting white art design… which was frozen hard and fell right off with a flick of the glove.   Performance art, I suppose, fleeting in nature.  The jacket shows no trace.  Another mystery solved!

It’s 18… with 16-20 mph winds.  Low of 14… but then tomorrow it will get “sharply colder.”  Sharply sounds about right.

Much nicer riding now that I’m a tad more garish and blink from all angles. I just wish those batteries lasted longer… I suppose I could experiment and pocket one of the Spokelits during the day.

One response to “Rocket Science

  1. Eeeewwwwwwwiiiiieeeeeeeeee! lol

    I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about for the longest time, I had to read the post twice.

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