Another GLossy Day

Yesterday’s two word weather report from WILL:  “29, ice.”  Not a lot; not even enough, I believe, for ‘advisories,’ but definitely enough to take a person down (not me, not this day).  I did very nearly get taken *out* by a lady who apparently didn’t see me at all at the four-way stop at Washignton and Vine.  I arrived just barely after the truck in front of her, waited for that one, and proceeded… and she just proceeded, too, having clearly “decided” that nobody else was in the intersection.  She got a few words, and I suspect she’s thinking “those cyclists shouldn’t be out there; don’t they know we can’t see them?”

Yes, it was another time I didn’t have spoke lights on.  Tonight’s task:  resign myself to the Gazelle being the “main bike” and either find the Huge Red Light or move the big amber one over, get batteries for spoke lights so they’re always on hand, and shift over a string or three of LEDs and risk bordering on Garishland.  Oh, and find the twofish light attachment so I can use the flashlight as headlight, too.

And do a mess of laundry… “coldest of the season” is coming, which means sub-zero.   TIme for handwarmers in case I have to stop, and a few other odds and ends that make wearing a million layers easier.  Happily it’s not a busy weekend… but ’tis time to not fritter the time away.

2 responses to “Another GLossy Day

  1. There are times I am glad that I don’t commute by bike, and this Wednesday will be a perfect example. Actually temps for the nights low will be -18, and of course starting tonight at midnight somewhere in the neighborhood of 2″ of snow is forecast, with winds gusts over 50 mph for throughout Monday and Monday night.
    It is going to get cold, but for now, I am heading out to meet a couple of friends to ride in the fresh dusting of powder we got last night!!
    Adapt! Improvise! Overcome!!
    Have fun!!!

  2. What about the Christmas Tree? I’ll bet if that was on your bike in January folks would notice.

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