Bagel Ride :)

Just ’cause the birthday person isn’t going to get here in time for them doesn’t mean we can’t eat ’em.

As I’m riding off from Panera,  a lady with what looked like a “fair trade” purse  says “Good for you, riding your bike!”  I said, “It’s fun!” and tried to vanquish those “greener than thou” emanations( what’s the emoticon for self-deprecating smile and shrug?)    Last night we were discussing the letters of the Venerable Francis Libermann and someone noticed that he refers to “odors of sanctity” and olfactory senses more than once.   An Old Testament Earthiness or a side effect of epilipsy’s tendency to shift sensory awareness?  Hey, if I ride myself into a lather, it’s that odor of spiritual harmony with the planet 😉  … think I’ll swab down before workin’ with the students anyway…

Time to Eat Bagels!

One response to “Bagel Ride :)

  1. I admit to feeling a certain amount of smugness when I pulled up on my bike at the laundromat and noted 1. the presence of a college student aged man with dreadlocks and his hemp-wearing girlfriend inside, and 2. the absence of any bicycles outside but mine. I don’t even ride for environmental reasons, but I still feel like I’m doing better with my principles than they are.

    I like making my presence known around those old jalopies with green bumper stickers all over them, too. “Hey! Where’s your bike?!”

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