YEsterday’s picture

Yesterday’s photo explains why I ride on the sidewalk there.  Sidewalk issues have essentially be addressed:  you can see the entrance to my destination on the right-hand side, so I don’t have the “how do you make a turn from a sidewalk” problem.  It’s a nice, clear sidewalk (tho’ it doesn’t get plowed or salted, so then I’m on the street).  The parallel road is pretty darned busy. Finally, the evidence is there that in the hour since that snow fell, I was the fourth person to travel on it.  Not likely to have too many conflicts…

On the other hand, when heading further west, it’s a different story.  Take your lane and ride!

One response to “YEsterday’s picture

  1. No shame in taking the sidewalk when needing to. Those that think otherwise are evangelists, heretics, or just plain crazy! (IMHO)

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