10K a day?

…. postponing it as I type, so either postponing or riding every day isn’t for long 😀

Thanks to my “smartphone” I could confidently get in a 10K in the middle of a 735 mile drive.  I decided I wanted to get through Columbus as early as possible, which would happen by 4:30 … I picked up the phone and pushed “maps” and realized that a:  it went right to where I *am* *be* … and that b:  even that click was the stuff that caused distracted driving fatalities so I put it down.  (I am even more prone than most to have my attention sucked into something to “read,” even if it’s a map.)  Then I got through Columbus, and took a nice looking exit and stopped, and those nice maps showed me a nice parallel road… I went West for a little and then realized that was silly – going “into the wind” in the car was irrelevant – *and* it was a skinny road with no place to park on its side. I  went East and found a church – churches have parking lots ;).  I peeled the bike out of the TEENY “trunk” of the Versa and  I charged back into the wind for a couple of miles (and happily, the road had mile markers) and realized I could even go back and use Google Pedometer to figure out the mileage more precisely. Drivers acted like they’d never seen a cyclist on those roads before – which is to say they gave a wide berth. I realized that I didn’t know the dog culture there, and that it was likely eat first and ask questions later… but those I encountered were either constrained or had half an acre to get across – and happily that was when I was with the wind so he prob’ly wouldn’t have caught me anyway.  I reviewed the Attack Dog Procedures anyway (stop and use bike as shield/weapon if necessary) and contemplated the appropriate distance and happily didn’t have to put that into action.

I only rode for 45 minutes because a:  I still had to get through Garrett County (where, yes, it was snowing and slimy – dry everywhere else but true to the permanent ‘inclement conditions next 35 miles’ sign) and b: I remembered how working up a real sweat on the rail-trail meant driving in my own stench the rest of the way, and I had thought I’d get used to it, but it just kinda got ranker and ranker, as if somehow the aging process to “old, stale sweat” were enhanced by the conditions.  (C:  I was arriving at my sister’s, not my house, and the stench might have made the cats pass out and I wouldn’t want to leap into the shower and wake the kids.)

Must go figure out what you twist to adjust gears  on the Dahon ’cause they’re *all* out of whack.  (There’s a bike shop really close if I can’t figure it out; alas, not 5K away, I don’t think.)

And that Howard has been having 50 degree days and riding long.  Snork.  When I can ride long, he’ll get Weather, mark my words.  It just happens that way.  I set my goal to 9009 for the year… but will attempt to have balance and do other stuff too.

Now it’s time for a Baltimore ride!

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