New year!

Got in 33.4 today, which puts me 33.4 ahead of 2007, when I got 10,000. However, I managed a metric on the 6… we’ll just see what the weekends bring. Did 5.5 getting home from party… yea, I did the Curtis Road loop because it was a nice night. Got me a 23 ranking on BJ – behind 22 Aussies and folks from Taiwan.  Numero Uno in any of the Americas.  (Now I’m back around 200.)

It was chilly but the temps are up to 32 now.  Rode the Trek for the day ride which was pleasant; grabbed prob’ly 10 cans, including 3 full ones (of Miller Lite, gah…)  Goal:  120 cans/month.  Looked at Jan. 2007 and 2008 logs… did a metric 1/6 in 07, I think ’cause I was wanting to Climb the Ranks after being 900+ near the beginning.  The weather continues to Be Better – looks like we’ll miss the snow showers tonight, even.

Tomorrow – drive to MD.  Ride first, I hope; I decided to call it a night and make it an early one… since I got to bed at 3 and was up at 8 ’cause that’s when painting started, and I’m in the kind of (lack of) shape that makes a 28 mile ride tiring, I think that’ll come naturally. Scored some knickers on today.  Doin’ my best to support the economy.

One response to “New year!

  1. Mike & Nancy did 62 miles on an orange tandem! Of course we’re in Florida this time of year, not Indiana.

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