Google may strike again…

Soap, when I was iced in I listened to public radio debate contest, the proposition being that Google violates its “don’t be evil” motto.  The pro folks won rather handily; at the beginning 48% were undecided, 21% for, 31% against.  When they were done, 47% each were pro and con respectively, the remainder undecided.

It wasn’t the skill of the debating, though I was underwhelmed when the “against” people’s closing arguments amounted to “we’re the winning side” (but not defending the statement).  THat’s not debate; that’s the old “be in the in crowd” marketing strategy.  It was the strength of the facts presented, which included that Google makes arbitrary decisions against people for which they have no recourse.

I switched our bike club’s email from the spammed-to-death  This meant inviting a fair number of folks to join.  I didn’t sign ’em up; I invited them.  I got the same causticity Google spewed at me about my blog, telling me that I had better explain myself and if I were spamming, I’d be kicked off Google and my group deleted.

Of course, it’s not “if I’m a spammer,” it’ “if you fit our algorithm for spam, and we don’t disclose our algorithms” (and I can promise, based on the fact that my utterly cycling blog was stamped spam, that the algorithm is flawed).  That’s the hubris mentioned in the aforementioned debate (one fellow went down the deadly sins per Dante).  I *did* explain, but I don’t always use language as normal folks do because I have this education thing.  Their algorithm might just deem it spam because it’s not as predictable as the usual crap.

I also get to deal with Sprint.  My “phone as modem” ceased functioning – it would seem the whole internet access from the phone has ceased functioning, and while I wasn’t sure my plan included the former, I know it’s supposed to have the latter.  Hey, mebbe that’s my ride for the day… to go pick on some poor Sprint employee…


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