messenger bags

I have long been bemused by messenger bags.  I put one on once, and it just didn’t hang right – I felt lopsided and things didn’t work in front.

Then, sometime this week, somebody mentioned that they scooted their bag around to the front so they could get something out of it, as in, without getting off the bike and taking off the thing (as I have to do with a backpack).  So, is that what people do with those things?  That would change everything – or at least make it worth exploring whether I could get the thing “on” right.

It’s a nice day.  I think I’ll go for a ride.

5 responses to “messenger bags

  1. I’ve been using a super cheap one. (banged up a knee, so I needed a way to carry things but keep weight tightly limited)

    If I’m walking (or presumably biking) a long distance, it sits on my hips and lumbar vertebrae. It stays put pretty well. If I need to grab something out of it, I pull it forward so it rests on my tummy. Then I can fish through it easily. Once I’m done… slide it back. Sometimes it is more comfortable to have it sitting at my side, and on a bus, I slide it forward so it sits on my lap. I do have to keep the strap adjusted so it is *quite* short. If the strap is long, it slides around when the bag wants to… which is a lot more than I want it to.

    Carrying heavy stuff in it is right out, but for light loads it is much nicer than I expected. It won’t replace my panniers, but it’s been real handy while I recover.

  2. Imagine that, you helped enlighten me on the Xtracycle and now it’s my turn 🙂

    My wife is a massage therapist and didn’t like the idea of me buying a messenger bag because she didn’t like the weight distribution on the back. HOWEVER, after some research and seeing pictures of these in action, I took a chance (on a super special) and picked up the XL Timbuk2 bag.

    This thing rocks. It carries a considerable amount and stays on the back very well AS LONG AS YOU PUT ON THE STRAP THAT GOES ACROSS YOUR CHEST. There is a second optional strap that comes with it that allows you to snap it in front and keep it in place better.

    I think that the messenger bag rides a lot better than a full backpack. I have issues bringing my head completely up with a backpack whereas that isn’t an issue with my timbuck2 bag.

    How much can it hold? Well…see for yourself 🙂

  3. Did you try it from your other shoulder? I enjoy a urban backpack from SealLine or a messenger bag that can work on either shoulder.

    • Welp, either shoulder – what Pansy Palmetto calls our Earth Mother Comfort Shelves are the issue. that STRAP THAT GOES ACROSS YOUR CHEST … yea, exactly where on my chest? I keep seeing them come up on Steepandcheap, too…

      It’s not a nice day. Think I’ll go for a ride 🙂

  4. Yes, the only one i’ve found to “sit right” between the breast is the Timbuk 2 large size. yes the size matters, it wraps around your body differently.

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