reveling in dry pavement!

Morning jaunt to Lowe’s
Gaining on a bike but not too fast
Sleeping bag on the back rack… neatly folded pants and other clothes held against the handlebars.
Not so many teeth.
Good morning and dry pavement to all!

I’d have liked to ride more, but seems now is the time when I can get some rooms painted, being as my social life has not evolved to where it can be done Tom Sawyer fashion, much as I made several ineffectual efforts in that direction.  Besides, I rather like the idea that some of hte money not going into the automobile industry is paying for labor that makes something happen.

Alas, I decided I really wanted my jester to ride too… but couldn’t be bothered to securely attach him.  He’s somewhere between here and Lowe’s.  I think I *will* ride out there tomorrow morning, too, whilst the living room gets preened.

WIRED has a fascinating list of 12 “good gadgets for hard times.”  They include, uhm, a video camera and a musical instrument – so that later on when these were the “good old days,” you have records of the reality and welp, because you can make music when your entertainment budget is shot and even if the lights go out.  Also, though, a bicycle – especially with an Xtracycle (link to same), and happily (tho’ of course it’s primarily a function of the upscale angle of the whole article) you’re told you can get a bicycle for 3K if you want… or a good one for $400 at a bike shop or $40 at a thrift shop.  Wally WOrld is not mentioned as an option…

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