Gale Force

I looked at the radar (still tryin’ to get “phone as modem” power back so it was perching by the window) at, oh, 10:30… looked like the rainy stuff was moving off to the east.  It was pushing 60 so I opened windows to let the utterly tropical-level humidity in.  Planned out my day – 1:00 go for at least a 10 mile ride, then errands….

It was closer to 12:30 when I couldn’t wait and just grabbed the helmet and went out, without a pre-ride weather check, and discovered that the wind was *really* loud and I was working rather hard to go 8 mph.  ON the Trek so I didn’t even have weight on my side.  Got to Old Church and braced myself into the crosswind and really hoped it didn’t spontaneously abate ’cause I’d have slapped that pavement hard, and dang it, there was even traffic… and standing water.  I wimped out and didn’t try to beat the oncoming truck over the shallow part of the road (plenty of time, but I get into a “hold THIS line” mindset in adverse conditions and THIS line would have taken me through.. oh, probably not *that* deep, but I don’t know the effects of 30-40 mph winds on handling …)    and the 20-something lady driving stopped, rolled down her window and informed me that we were under a tornado warning.

Welp, I hadn’t heard sireens and the sky wasn’t green, but I did go straight home… with a tailwind coasting me at 17 down Race. Much easier 🙂 Went by  LEslie McClintock out running… yea, addicts with cabin fever, what can you say?  … got home to hear all those warnings.  Fortunately the tornadic stuff was North of us and going that way, but I also duly noted on the radar that the weather hadn’t even gotten here yet.  Fortunately it did its usual calming thing as it got here, too… and fortunately I was inside 😉

The wind pretty much howled all night – and seems to have blown basically every bit of ice outta here.  It was down below freezing again… but scarce ice.  I could take Xtra to church with all its regalia 🙂

Gonna check the wind and radar before trying to sneak out today… but I know tomorrow will be better 🙂

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