Aw, shucks, I’m blushing and giggling 🙂  the aimless wandering thread over at bikejournal is where I discovered fonging… and shovelfonging inspired hootervillemayor to Seussify on the topic.  That’s not on his blog but an awesome anthology of cycling shots that exemplify diverse cycling is.  Yea, I’ll update my blogroll… but not when it’s between storms!  TIme to get out side and ride … oh, prob’ly *home* to take a nap 🙂 (Tomorrow… freezing rain, then rain with flash floods.  However, I declared yesterday that the Weather would Improve starting Monday.  Fortunately, the forecast happens to agree!

(Part of the fun of the slideshow is the rolling credits… could be frustrating to future anthropologists, bein’ as they’re screen names.)

Oh, and from yonder at cyclelicious, check out the vimeo of what happens when a cyclist with a competitive streak takes on delivery 🙂  I feel a little sorry for the next three folks who get similar jobs at UPS… they’re not going to meet expectations…

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