‘nother xtra plug…

Found a “big dummy” review online.  THis guy had a list of excuses for not getting an Xtra and then something flipped the switch.  The review is full of reasons why you ‘need’ the best accessories… but the key point  IMO was here:

The Big Dummy has really changed the way I think about bikes.  My truck only moves when I need to do something for work involving long distances and lots of equipment.  For just about all the rest of my transportation needs the Big Dummy takes care of me.  Surprisingly the Big Dummy is a lot of fun to ride empty and I’ll take it out for a spin for no particular reason at all.  The cool thing is if I’m out just cruising and decide to pick up something I don’t have to think about it. I know my Big Dummy will make it happen.

One response to “‘nother xtra plug…

  1. Thanks for the mention. I’m always happy to spread the good word on the Big Dummy…=-)

    safe riding,


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