Window of Opportunity

I didn’t use it as much as I should have.  I rode out to CHampaign CYcle this afternoon and I could have ridden the Xtracycle; hte roads were that clear. I sort of hope they weren’t so nice out in the boonies, ’cause I am enough mileage deprived for it to be making me tired. It was 31 degrees and it’s been cold enough so that felt really warm 🙂

It’ll be cold enough tomorrow, though (tonight’s low 7; tomorrow’s high 8… winds 25-35 mph.)  The long term has it heading towards 50 , but that generally moderates.

It’s vacation time!  And since I got the ceiling painted, that floor in the living room is almost sort of clean!  Not only that, thanks to Phone as Modem, I shall be able to listen to Mary Cliff and putter around tonight.   Mary Cliff is basically responsible for a good chunk of my view of the world and the currents of song in my soul. (Damien and the DJ after him on WHFS back when it was 4853 Cordell Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland was the other big chunk 😉 )  is It was a summer day in 1978 when I was at my third job, lifeguarding an “adults only” pool and trying to stay awake by grabing the tuner dial and spending ten seconds on each radio station.  Hey, that’s Pete Seeger’s voice… and then a bunch of songs about rivers.  Been following her show ever since, having to do very strange things with wire to get the station in Culpeper, Baltimore, and Frostburg and other places (before there was a Hagerstown antenna)… and thankful that the Internet made getting it out here possible, even if the soudn quality is iffy.

Monday will be a baking day, methinks.  Heating up the house would be a good thing 😉 Krumkake R Us!

Oh, and dishwashers don’t get teh chocolate cake stuff off the mugs, I am told.  Reckon I should go find out if soaking for three days works 🙂

One response to “Window of Opportunity

  1. Krumkake??!!! If I start driving first thing in the morning I can make it their to help (read, eat) Krumkake with you. I can bake a load of my Grandmas’ Swedish rye bread and take along! Hey, I can even bring my “SUV” bike with the studly tyres with me!!
    Actually, that does sound like fun. But, I have to work next week. 😦

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