nastified slurpee

We don’t even have 7-11’s around here, but it’s a slushy world out there.  More like ice hurlage, though, with all the chunks of debris and ice in a liquid nastiness. Note to self:  it really takes longer to get to work plowing through slush on a fifty pound bike with 24-gusting=to-36 mile headwinds… but it is kinda fun, though I held back so I wouldn’t be a complete lather and of course because the ice layer beneath was thick enough to still be there and landing *in* that vichyssoise would probably be less than fun even with the prophylactic smart-tex on top.  (Snork.  One must ponder what search phrases will find this blog now. )  It helped immensely that we were given a two-hour delay in our office; C-U schools were closed.  Parkland, of course, isn’t having classes so any decisions wouldn’t involve students.

Lots of branches down right around my house and in specific spots along the way, so perhaps there were well-placed gusts or my theory that I’ve got a slightly cooler microclimate is true and, therefore, there was a little more ice and a little more weight on those branches.

It is really, really nice to be able to use my phone as a modem 😀 😀 😀 No Comcast, hooray!!!

Today the “call in for your travel forecast” was extended right on through the headlines-on-the-hour, which I do believe meant he was talkin’ instead of the prez, so people had to find out six minutes *later* that Detroit might get bailed out, after all. Kudos for that – we can wait on GW. Confirming that yes, the route to New Jersey Sunday would stick you in Lake Effect Blizzard Land isn’t going to be broadcast on NPR.  (And maybe it’s my ears adapting, but even when actively *bemoaning* being “ostracized” for warning about a previous ice mess we didn’t get, the ‘whinin’ weatherman’ didn’t sound whiny…

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