Ice, schmice

Today I Found!    My little bag that I rplaced my fanny pack with, hoping I could keep track of it even tho’ it’s not attached to my backside.  (Keys, now, come on… and Fenix flashlight… yoo hoo??)

Called in slick today… yesterday the snow started around noon and the freezing rain a bit before leaving time.  I waited ’til 5:15 and it did make a difference in traffic quantity (less) and quality (less frantic).  Unabashedly went for the sidewalk for Bradley… okay, I felt a *little* abashed when two bicycles went by going the other way and I was even walking for most of the way, but I did practice a bit of “plowing through the mush” and I’ll get better.  It’s almost, if not all, psychological, like unto learning not to dodge the oncoming softball or walking across rocks to get over a stream and needing to have faith in your momentum instead of stopping on every rock.  I did stay on the wheels the rest of the way.  I had an thin crust on my outer layer because of the freezing rain that crackled whenever I stopped and moved it.

Tomorrow’s forecast, is for the same only worse; genuine “freezing rain” instead of freezing drizzle.  However, I’m not leaning as I was towards studding the Dahon. Yes, it would make it easier to toss it anywhere if things got really nasty, but I think I would find the bar a lot lower for bailing because it’s so much lighter than the Gazelle.  I can chicken out and coast and get away with it for many milliseconds longer… I think I’d end up dabbing ever so much more so on the little squirrel… and it would be squirrellier in the slush.  If somebody else wants to do it and let me test ride, though 🙂


2 responses to “Ice, schmice

  1. In slushy conditions last year my 700C tires knifed through the slush better than my compatriots 2 or 2.25X26 MTB tires.
    Might not be as squirrelly as you think?

  2. It’s not the tyres so much as the mass involved – and the Dahon tires are 20 inchers, so half an inch of snow is a higher percentage of the weight. Of course, the curve of the tire is sharper so less of it’s in the snow… oops… that’s sounding like arithmetic that I’m tempted to play with just for fun 🙂

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