Not as much ice as predicted, and much less snow… but 10 degrees instead of the forecast 19, so it was a lovely layer day. Took ’til Prospect, just about, to get the hands warm.

I know I’ve been at the ‘puter too long when I read about a “fescue plan,” which was really financial rescue plan… guess I’ve got my lawn on my mind…

The Gazelle crunched *merrily* in, tho’ I noticed I was in the easiest gear when I got here. Some spots on the street were dry already. It’s cold.

I have had too much sweetness… I’ll need to burn it off on the ride home!

2 responses to “Chilly

  1. ANy thoughts from you about Ray LaHood? What does the LIB think of him?

  2. I’ll have to inquire! At least he seems to behave favourably towards mass transport, so perhaps he is not utterly immersed in car culture.

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