Yes, it worked…

… now I get to put on a new skin and get the ingredients together to do it at work tomorrow – at least approaching the hygiene standards of the general populace 🙂 THat’s a lot easier cooking by myself… I”m planning to have a group cooking event.
It really did expand over the top and then crawl back town. It’s quite dense and a little bit dry; therefore, whipped cream and maraschino cherries will be added to the mix.
And now to go gather the stuff and files and all that stuff for the PCC newsletter to turn it over to the new editor 🙂
Decorated the Xtra yesterday – *lots* of lights. However, tomorrow I’ll do the nut-swap, put that other string of candy canes and the fiber optic tree on the Gazelle, I suspect. The forecast is for rain, followed by a tenth of an inch of ice and an inch of snow by morning.
I’ll leave extra early in all my good gear – might break out the snowmobile suit, which I can’t wear on any of the bikes except the Gazelle ’cause it restricts leg motion too much – and have an adventure. I always liked being in education where things just get cancelled if the weather gets bad – but now that the cancellation bar is a lot higher, I find I like being In The STuff just as well.

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