One mystery of wordpress:

Stephen’s blog . I’d love to post a comment but I would need to “log in,” and what that entails evades me.  However, I’m betting he’s geeky enough to check links to his blog, so he’ll read that Dahons are FUN… and I have 3 friends who are very fond of their Mu P 24’s (and I’ve got a Speed P8 just ’cause 8 is plenty gears for me)  – but could he elucidate on the “taciturn” nature of “focus?”

Tonight I got elected prez of the bike club (no other nominees).  Here’s hoping it doesn’t require too much organization… oh, but I have to get organized enough to turn over the newsletter stuff to the guy doin’ that, who likes doing things with graphics… so this could be fun 🙂

(WordPress, though, puts snow on my blog.  Can’t knock that!)


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  1. Congratulations Madam President!
    I ran unopposed for VP of our club, and won also just a little while back. It is interesting being on the decision making side for once…

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