amazing glazing

I got a new clock radio, with a huge display.  I might have to cover it  – I think I understand why the pricier model of the same brand was marketed as “smart” because if you passed your hand in front of it the display changed (faded or brightened).  At any rate, I was awake at 5…  I’ll be very, very happy if I can get back into Ben Franklin’s healthy, wealthy and wise routine. I’m thinking it may be those impulsively purchased powerbars that have supplied a missing ingredient.

I heard tinkling just before six – the special tinkling of ice hitting my aluminum awnings.  Time for studs!

By the time I left the well-traveled roads were fine, and I had even thought in so many words that roads were better than sidewalks… but, silly me, I still did the sidewalk through campus.  It was only dicey where I had to put my feet down, though; the studs grabbed nicely. I just haven’t gotten around to getting yak-traks 🙂

Somebody said that the $50 I spent on those tires is expensive… I forgot to mention how much cheaper than just about anything related to a car it is, and so much more fun 🙂

Almost everybody was crawlin – I figure the exceptions were folks with walk-in garages.  Everybody else had that reality check getting from house to car.

SHould be well above freezing by now, and for the duration.  Fortunately this bike’s good in rain, too.

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