“Lone Cyclist”

Yesteray I successfully (with *lots* of help from Mike at the bike coop) got the back wheel of the Gazelle off, cleared the cobwebs from the chain (yes, literally), … discovered, I fervently hope, that well, the tube was fine and replaced it.
The process took ’til 4:45… then I jogged the Gazelle home ’cause it’s still one nut short of a wheel (in hindsight, should have grabbed the nut from the Xtra), hopped on the Xtra that’s got most of its decorations in its bags, and tooled over to the parade, whihc had already started. Where were the bicycles? Where were the bicycles?
It was cold, by the way…
I was belowthe main stage where the TV pair were covering the “drama” – I heard ’em say “Oh, it’s moving again!” and try to fill in time and almost asked them if they’d seen bicycles… but asked the nice guy in the police bus instead, and decided to just follow the motion and try to catch up. At least now that it was moving I knew which way was forward, since there were still groups feeding in from streets and corners.
I found ’em and we proceeded. Lots of little desk-trees on bikes 🙂 – LEDs have been discovered!
As we went by the main stage again, the TV folks said “and there’s the bicyclist! REmember the lone bicyclist we were talking about? We were worried…” I waved and thanked them… and felt all kinds of warm and fuzzy. It just don’t take much for me 🙂
Pictures soon… but I am endeavoring to Be Prepared … specifically, it’s time to make straight the path to the necessary new email list for PCC since prairienet goes away at the end of the month, and I *think* I’ve found a possible way to Use My Blackberry as a Modem. It’s not encouraging, though, that the directions say to browse on your pC to the SPrint website. Duh, if I need to use my phone to connect to the Internet, how would I do that?
Preparation time 🙂

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