bike lanes and intersections

avoid a right hook
Bike lane straight but car lane right
who’ll be first to go?

… they don’t go together.  Not even a conflict except the midwestern kind (which means people sitting waiting for the other person to proceed 😉 ), but having a straight lane to the right of right turners is just bad. A car passed me right before a three-way stop on campus, where he was turning right and he clearly expected me to keep going  . It would have been rather easy for me to  have kept going, and not been seen by the oncoming car who was turning left.

18 degrees when I left for home; temps supposed to rise tonight and fall tomorrow. It’s up to 20 already 🙂 ‘Tis a mixd up climate!This a.m.’s 7 out at the airport was record cold.  I did an extra lap before going home tonight, too, to get warm and appreciate the irony of riding more in cold temps to get warm.

Tomorrow’s plan – to take the Gazelle to the bike coop and hope for assistance figuring out its back end (and perhaps lifting it onto a bike stand).  Then trading it for the Xtra to decorate for the Parade ofLights.

2 responses to “bike lanes and intersections

  1. This season hasn’t been too bad to us. Riding is still pretty comfortable with the proper clothes.
    I haven’t visited your blog in a while. It’s at the bottom of my blogroll and I don’t get down there very often because I do all the blog stuff at work.

    We do see each other at the journals though. See you around

  2. I think it’s as much the law behind bike paths as well. In Germany a cyclist on a red cycle lane has priority which makes life safer for cyclists because and cars wait, because if they hit the cyclist they are legally in the wrong.
    Suprise suprise though, Ostfildern doeasn’t seem to have any red lanes…

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