“best Christmas presents for pastors”

… number three on the list on this wordpress blog is a Dahon.  One of the reasons is that when you are on a bicycle, you’re so much more visible, which is especially true if you’re in a “uniform.”  (I suppose that could be a good or a bad thing.)  I’ve always liked presenting myself as somebody riding to work on purpose, instead of “I’d drive if I could” or “I’m training for something.”

Riding in this morning there was a huge truck – “two men and a truck  / movers who care” emblazoned upon it – on white just before First (where all that construction had been happening with consistent oblivion to folks on bikes).  It had its back up lights on so I pulled off to the right where I could be seen in the mirror to see what was happening… and then the two guys who *weren’t* just hanging around, but were doing directing and guiding, waved me around and the driver said, “Good MOrning, Sue!”… and unless I’m mistaken, it’s the current prez of the bike club.

A good morning, indeed 🙂

Oh, especially good because I successfully swapped nuts around (a regular Lance ARmstrong, I am!) and got the Gazelle home, though the back wheel seemed to be a bit lumpy.  I rode it from the coop home, then rode the Dahon to the coop and only had to go back a little ways when I realzied I had forgotten to take the nut off… put the nut on the Xtra wheel and the Dahon on snapdeck (alas, didn’t get to show the process off at the coop ’cause I wasn’t going to haul it up the stairs that way).

Then rode the gazelle to Race Street so I could do my online chat… remembering to go back and get the nut from the Xtra ten feet from the garage door ’cause it didn’t feel right… and this morning realized that the back tire’s just plain flat.

Fortunately, tho’ it was windy and snowy and awful for an hour or so in the night, it all blew away so the roads were Xtra-able this a.m.  It warmed up to 16 by the time I left. So, tonight… it’ll be bringin’ the big guy inside and trying to dissect its complicated back end to change that tyre, ’cause I”m pretty sure I did have the pump nozzle on right.    At least I have my previous experience well documented... though I’m afraid I don’t know where half the stuff I used is.  I’ll know where the sproingenheimers go… and now I do have one of thsoe telescoping tyre levers.  Oh, and one of the benefits to spelling it “tyre” is that it’s easier to find 🙂

3 responses to ““best Christmas presents for pastors”

  1. thanks for picking up my blog post
    cycling allows us to multi task – which is never easy for some of us guys…
    great blog

  2. My cousin, the preacher’s wife, is a street walker. It makes her rather visible…You know for exercise.

    So do you want nuts for Christmas?

  3. I believe Lance can only swap nut (singular)

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