“cultures and conveyances collide”

It’s a more interesting crash than usual, except the aspect about a teen driver not being attentive and plowing into something 😦

THe bright side, in my humble opinion, is the opening paragraph: “Bicycles, boats and horse-drawn carriages would be an unlikely mix in many places, but in Maryland’s southernmost county, bordered on two sides by water and home to miles of back-country bicycling roads and an Amish community, it was just another Sunday morning.”

To that author, the roads are “back-country bicycling roads.”

Not bicycle paths, not roads where those cyclists insist on invading at their own risk thank you… but “bicycling roads.”

2 responses to ““cultures and conveyances collide”

  1. But the last paragraph is telling. “They don’t know if the buggies or bicycles had lights”
    So what? They were sitting at a STOP LIGHT!!!
    The teenager was obviously not paying attention.

  2. True. Sad but true. We’ve got a ways to go.

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